Kaabo Skywalker 8H 18.2Ah, blue

Vážený zákazník, je nám ľúto, ale tento tovar už bol vyradený z našej ponuky.
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The Kaabo Skywalker 8H is a more efficient version of the Model 8. It has a battery with a larger capacity, which increases its performance and, of course, the range, which ranges between 35 - 45 km.


What is also changing are its brakes. We switch to drum brakes. You will therefore feel safer, especially during heavy braking.


In terms of appearance, the new Skywalker is modified. We can really notice its updated look with a new grip and a new chassis. We can also observe LEDs from the side of the chassis, making it even more stylish and visible day and night.


This electric scooter has impressive features. Its 350 W motor can actually reach speeds of 35 km / h. The 36V 18.2Ah battery allows a range of 35 to 45 km, which makes it one of the leaders in this category.


Its main competitor Speedway Mini 4 pro can actually reach only 30 km. So you will have enough energy to drive all day without recharging.


As for other features, this scooter can climb up to 20% on slopes. Weighing less than 20 kg allows you to take it with you everywhere. Whether you take public transport or put it in the trunk of your car.


In addition, its reinforced aluminum frame (aircraft type) gives the scooter great strength.


Other features of the scooter


This scooter provides more than just power and range. Indeed, it also offers several important safety points. Its braking effect is exemplary. It is equipped with a rear drum brake and allows a safe stop. This braking is also seconded by the electronic brake.


Other interesting options available to this model include a limiter and cruise control. Lunch will provide extra comfort while traveling. In addition, the front and rear suspension allow any road failure to be taken into account.


So travel with this Kaabo Skywalker 8H comfortably and safely.

Manufacturer: Kaabo
Type: New
EAN: 7141211440933
Warranty: 24 months
Width: 55.5 cm
Height: 115 cm
Lenght: 104 cm

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