SXT100, pink

Vážený zákazník, je nám ľúto, ale tento tovar už bol vyradený z našej ponuky.
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Kick Scooters are so old fashioned - today, electric power is hitting the streets. The SXT100 is the ultimate children's runabout for the smallest of our customers and absolutely up-to-date. This model consists of a sturdy metal frame with built-in battery pack under the footboard. The frame is powder coated and available in bright colors.

The SXT100 is powered by a 24V 100 Watt electric motor with chain drive at the rear axle. The top speed is suitable for children and reachs 10 km/h and a battery charge will last up to about 8 km depending on the route, body weight, driving style and track conditions. The recharge time with the supplied charger is 6-8 hours. After fully recharge, the built-in 24V 4.5 aH lead / gel batteries are again fully operational and ready for the next trip.

24V  x 4,5 Ah = 108 Wh battery capacity.

Our SXT100 electric scooter is accelerated same as the big scooters with a throttle grip on the right handlebar. The scooter is slowed down by pressing down on the rear splash guard to the rear wheel with the feet. The wheels themselves are 8 inches PU (polyurethane) tires guarantee a long service life. Since the PU tires have no air filling this ensures never having flat tire problems.

The SXT100 scooter model is foldable and can be stored space-saving and easy anywhere as well as its ultra transportable due to its ultra compact size when being folded. Being unfolded, the handlebar height is 96 cm from the ground, the total length of the scooter is 94 cm.

This scooter model is suitable for children 8+ years and therefore the ideal electric scooter for beginners entering the escooter range.


Weight with battery pack 12 kg
Battery type 24V (2 x 12V 4,5 aH)
max. speed 10 km/h
motor power 100 Watts
max. range 8 km (about 40 minutes operating time)
max. payload / load 50 kg
Power transmission chain
Brake system rear manual footbrake
Length, Width, Height  94 / 20 / 96 cm
Tire type PU (Polyurethane)
Items delivered Electric scooter, battery charger, user manual

 IMPORTANT NOTE!!! SXT 100 model is not allowed to be used under road traffic licensing regulations.

Product code: ESC100.2
Manufacturer: SXT-Scooters
Type: New
EAN: 4260293112927
PN: ESC100.2
Warranty: 24 months

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