SXT300 Electric scooter -, 20 km/h blue - 24V 300W Lithiumbattery

Vážený zákazník, je nám ľúto, ale tento tovar už bol vyradený z našej ponuky.
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The SXT 300 bridges the gap between children's scooters and large adult models. This electric scooter is suitable from design and its size equally for adolescents and adults. Using the scooter without the removable saddle gives the rider a feeling of freedom while driving wind blowing in his face. Despite its size, this model weighs only 19 kg including batteries and is excellent for taking it everywhere with you, even if once a staircase or floor must be handled up. 

The motorization of the SXT 300 with 300 W is strong enough to accelerate the scooter up to 20 km/h. The maximum range is about 15 km. In some of the EU countries such as Austria and Holland these scooters can be normally used on public roads without any further authorization. Standard attached to this electric scooter are front and rear mudflaps that protect the driver from splashes and whirled dirt and dust. In addition to this the scooter has a built in LED Battery status indicator. The scope of delivery also contains a removable saddle.

Power is transmitted from the 24V 300W motor via chain to the rear axle. Thanks to the beefy 3.00-4 pneumatic tires with tube, this scooter gives a very secure feeling and can be operated easily on loose surfaces, without the scooter sagging in the ground or even stuck. 

Safety first - therefore the braking system is a 140mm disc brake at the rear, same system that many of our other models already using for years and they are working perfectly. 

The scooter is charged by using the supplied charger on the right side of the vehicle on the external charge socket fitted in the scooters frame - the charging time is approximately 4-6 hours. The SXT 300 is of course foldable to accommodate it in the trunk of each car or for example, motorhome or boats - should the scooter still have too wide size the whole handle bar can be easily removed in seconds just by removing the fixing bolt on the top so that the scooter then definitely fits in the smallest corner.

Technical Details:

Weight (incl. batteries)   19,1 kg
Battery type   Lead acid 24V 7ah
Charging time   4-6 hours
Operating costs per 100 km   sensational 0,60 € !!!
max. speed   up to 20 km/h 
Motor power   300 Watt 
Max range   up to 15 km 
Max. payload   max. 110 kg
Power transmission   chain
Brake system   rear disc brake
Wheelbase   83 cm
Chassis clearance   9 cm
Height, length, width   17 cm / 42 cm / 23,5 cm
Handle bar height   109 cm from floor
Tires   Ø 26 cm / width 9 cm
Items delivered   electic scooter, battery charger, user manual, tool kit


IMPORTANT NOTE!!! This model is not allowed for use on public roads.

Product code: ESC300.1
Manufacturer: SXT-Scooters
Type: New
EAN: 4260293113061
PN: ESC300.1
Warranty: 24 months

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