SXT Duo - electrical self-balancing balance board -, white

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SXT Duo is a self-balancing urban transportation vehicle also called balance board, hoverboard or similar. It's balanced by numerous high-quality gyro sensors and ultra sensitive metrology. The SXT Duo is controlled by the displacement fo your own body weight. By leaning to the front it accelerates, by leaning to the back it slows down.

Since we are born the human body is used to correct uneven or "slopes" by balancing the body center of gravity, learning the use of this device is just as easy. Many movements our bodies making subconsciously and automatically, so that you are able to use the SXT Duo after a few minutes already - independently and safely.

Electrical Balance boards - they are all the same anyway?! No that's wrong! There are big differences that everybody should pay attention when buying:

  • Battery quality and battery capacity
  • Engine output
  • Gradeability
  • Sensitivity & reaction rate of the gyro sensors
  • 36V  x 4,4 Ah = 158,4 Wh battery capacity.

Due to the variety of balance boards currently available on the market there is also a wide range of available prices, we recommend making sure that you get original batteries with the correct battery capacity - these making a large part of the price and at remarkably favorable offers, the alarm bells should ring. Unfortunately, there are currently a large number of manufacturers using only substandard batteries in the devices in terms of capacity that have only a fraction of the capacity that is promised. By using the latest measurement technology, SXT is approving and analyzing the built in batteries in regular intervals in order to keep our high standard and to supply correct capacity to customers.

The max. engine power available for SXT Duo is 600 W - about this subject there are also big differences on the market. The gradeability is up to 25% - definitely always possible are 20% slope.

When selecting the gyro sensors for SXT Duo there are made no compromises - only the highest quality sensors were installed - but also here are very large differences in the market. They vary a lot and making direct effect on the usabiltiy of the boards - from a very smooth learning process and riding comfort up to simply almost impossibility to drive in a safe way as the sensor behaviour is weird and against the natural way of human body and its reflexes.

In regards to the housing material used, the SXT Duo also differs greatly from other boards on the market. The plastic components have a nice surface finsih that is very pleasant to touch and is clearly distinct and apart from the cheap plastic look. The design of the case is unique and patented. Perfectly incorporated into the design are front and rear view LEDs. Incorporated laterally in both wheels are also small LEDs to be also visible to others in the dark.

Overwiew and technical details & features:

Weight (incl. batteries)   9,24 kg
Battery type   Lithium 36V Samsung 158 Wh (4,4 Ah)
Charging time   2 h (by supplied 1,5 A charger)
Charger   AC 100V-240V, 50-60Hz 1,5 A
Max. speed   up to 15 km/h (depending on users weight)
Max. motor power   600 W max. (2 x 300W)
Gradability   promised 20% / depending on users weight up to 25°
Engine type   2 x DC Hub motor
Operating temperature   -10° to +50° C
Driving mode   3 different (Beginner / Advanced / Professional)
Max. range   up to 20 km (depending on payload, temperature and terrain)
Max. payload   max. 120 kg
Lightning   LED front and side
Length, Width, Height   58,5 cm x 18 cm x 18 cm
Plattform height   10,5 cm
Tires   6,5 inch rubber tires
EU - street legal   no
Items deliverd   Balance Board, battery charger, user manual

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! The SXT Duo model is not allowed to be used under road traffic licensing regulations.

Product code: EBB0001.2
Manufacturer: SXT-Scooters
Type: New
EAN: 4260293114068
PN: EBB0001.2
Warranty: 24 months

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