SXT Gekko V2

Vážený zákazník, je nám ľúto, ale tento tovar už bol vyradený z našej ponuky.
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The SXT Gekko V2 has been improved over its predecessor in many ways and further developed. Powered by a high-torque 2000W brushless hub motor accelerates this model with up to 2 people load up to 45 km/h. The big difference os this model is its Li-Ion Lithium battery with 23 Ah capacity equal to 1380 Wh and therefore sufficient for long distances. This model with its retro look is a real eye-catcher. At throttle the output can be adjusted in different modes and so directly effect the consumption in 3 stages - according to need full or average power or energy saving in the Eco mode, which of course enables the maximum range.

This model complies with the guidelines in the EU and is therefore fully road legal across Europe. The features of this model leaves little to be desired - hydraulic brake system, hydraulic dampers and a maintenance-free brushless hub motor just to name a few. The maximum permitted load is 150 kg so enough to make even the second for a spin.

Depending on driving style, the range is 70 km until the battery must be connected to the next regular 230V outlet for recharge. The batteries are 60V 23Ah Li-Ion power packs. The charging time by the supplied 10A fast charger is 2-2,5 hours when fully discharged before charging process starts. The number of charge cycles is between 800-1.000 (meaning the way so-called "full cycle") - We recommend recharge after battery reached about 25% discharge - that recharging does not count as full cycle but only as part cycle and doesnt shorten the lifetime of the batteries. The lifespan of a battery depends crucially on the care and maintenance and can therefore vary widely. The charger needed can be taken easily in the storage compartment under the seat. The storage compartment is lockable to safely protect the contents against theft.

A highlight of this scooter is the removable lithium battery, that comfortably can be taken in the apartment to recharge with its feathery 8 kg by the carrying handle for example. For winter storage, the battery pack can be as simple and quickly protected from cold temperatures taken in no time and be safely "hibernated".
Advantages of electrical SXT scooters:
          very attractive operating costs of japprox. 0,90 cent for 100 kilometers only
almost no maintenance costs due to the used hub-motor which is more or less free of wearing parts
Efficiency of electrical motors is significantly higher compared to combustion engines
extremely quite - no noise disturbance
environmentally friendly due to zero emission
tax-free as there are charged no taxes but just insurance costs
interesting for many companies & free- lancers - KFW Bank supports funding based on their "KfW-Umweltprogramm" for purchase of electrical vehicles for company and freelancer purpose - details about conditons and requirements you will find by visiting the following link... click here

60V  x 23 Ah = 1380 Wh battery capacity.

Technical specification:
Weight (incl. battery) 90 kg
Battery type Lithium Ion 60V 23Ah
Battery weight 8 kg (quick release by carry handle)
Charging cycles 800 - 1000
Charging time 2-2,5 hours by supplied 10A fast charger
Color white nacre effect
Max. speed 45 km/h 
Motor type brushless DC hub-motor
Motor power constant 1200 Watt / max. 2000 Watt
Max. payload 150 kg
Passengers 2 person
Tire size 3.00 -10
Tire type tubeless inflatable tire
Climbing slope 12 degrees / 21 %
Range 70 km (depending on terrain, temperature and payload)
Speedometer digital / LCD
Display km, km/h, gear/speed mode
Material Steel pipe driving, plastic body kit
Fork Hydraulic suspension
Rear suspension double hydraulic shock absorber
Brake system hydraulic disc brake / drum brake
Saddle height 72 cm
Handle bar height 101 cm
Wheelbase 124 cm
Chassis clearance 15 cm
Dimensions 170 x 66 x 105 cm
Items delivered electric scooter, battery charger, user manual

IMPORTANT: This scooter model is EEC certified meaning street-legal in whole Europe. Inside Germany there is a driving license required - from 16 years with driving license class A1, M; from 18 years with each driving license of classes 1a, 1, 2, 3, A, B or C. Should you be located outside Germany please check your national rules and regulations in regards to required driving licenses.

Delivery of the vehicle:
Please note that due to packing reasons the vehicle will be delivered 85% assembled. Chassis parts as well as the handle bar and front wheel have to be assembled by yourself - assembly time is about 1,5 hours. We also do offer shipment of fully assembled vehicle - in case you are interested in this please choose our assembly service above.
Product code: ESCGKKV2
Manufacturer: SXT-Scooters
Type: New
EAN: 4260293115003
Warranty: 24 months

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