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Another novelty from the manufacturer KAABO on our market. Model line 8 brings several improvements, but mainly tries to be a compromise between sports and city scooters.


2 motors with a power of 800W, represent a considerable power, so it is difficult to advise or compare with ordinary city scooters. As is customary with KAABO scooters, thanks to powerful motors, the scooter has no problems even with steeper hills, it can climb up to 30 °. This is due to the Sine Wave technology and the vector motor, which can take more uphill and at the same time does not drain the battery excessively, as is the case with many other electric motors.


The 48V battery with a capacity of 18.2 Ah will ensure a comfortable range of 50 km. Intelligent BMS (battery management system) brings a number of advantages, let's mention at least the fuse against discharge, overcharging, short circuit, or protection against outside temperature.


Reliable mechanical disc brakes at the front and rear meet what is expected of them.


LED lighting at the front is a matter of course, and increased visibility will also be ensured by effective chassis lighting, typical of most KAABO models.


KAABO models are patented by the manufacturer, so the possibility that you buy an identical model, cheaper under another brand, is practically ruled out.

Product code: KBMTS8.1
Manufacturer: Kaabo
Type: New
EAN: 7141211438756
Warranty: 24 months
Width: 56 cm
Height: 119 cm
Lenght: 116 cm
Čas nabíjania: 8 h
EU – homologizácia (EEC): Nie
KERS technológia (rekuperácia): Nie
Kick-start funkcia: Áno
Kolesá: 8"
Materiál: 6061 T6 hliník
Maximálna rýchlosť: 25 km/h *(podľa EU legislatívy)
Maximálne zaťaženie: 120 kg
Maximálny dojazd: 50 km
Maximálny výkon: 1,600 Watt
Odpruženie: Predné a zadné tlmiče
Osvetlenie: LED vpredu aj vzadu, bočné, osvetlnie podvozku
Rozmery v rozloženom stave: 119x56x116 cm
Rozmery v zloženom stave: 478x56x116 cm
Stúpanie: 30 °
Tempomat: Áno
Typ brzdy: kotúčové mechanické
Váha (s batériou): 27 kg
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