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electric scooter with 100 km range!
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After the release of the new Dualtron and Eagle Pro, Minimotors continues to surprise us with another piece called Dualtron Storm.


The official distributor of the Minimotors brand is the latest Dualtron Storm.


This new model is directly based on the Dualtron Thunder model, which is already well known on the market to all enthusiasts of fast electric scooters. Storm will give you even more strength, comfort and an extraordinary feeling. You will discover all the impressive abilities of the Dualtron Storm made by the micromobility giant Minimotors.


This scooter has extraordinary features that you will discover immediately.


First, its two 6640 W BLCD motors provide a maximum speed of more than 100 km / h (on off-road roads). This fact ranks it among the fastest and most powerful electric scooters on the market.


In addition, the LG 72V31.5Ah battery allows you to drive more than 100 km without recharging. This rich range therefore allows you to travel long distances without any problems.


The weight of 46 kg brings you perfect stability during your longer trips. You will also have no worries about climbing a steep hill. Enormous engine power allows you to face slopes up to 35 °. In addition to its power, the Dualtron Storm offers comfort and safety. Thanks to the extended equipment, you can take full advantage of the possibilities of this model.


Hydraulic disc brakes allow you to stop the scooter quickly and safely. Therefore, you benefit from a quality brake system.

Suspension at the front and rear ensures optimum comfort. Shock absorbers absorb shocks and small errors on the road. When walking in nature, this companion frees you from the inconvenience of vibrations.


The Dualtron Storm has ultra-wide 11-inch tubeless tires. They provide you with better stability on the road. With these very durable tires, you can drive long kilometers very easily.


For even greater safety, the Dualtron Storm is equipped with a front and rear light as well as a brake light. This will allow you to see and be seen by others day and night.

Product code: DTNSTM
Manufacturer: Dualtron/Minimotors
Type: New
Warranty: 24 months
Width: 60 cm
Height: 130 cm
Lenght: 121 cm
Brzdové svetlo: Áno
Čas nabíjania: 10 h
EU – homologizácia (EEC): Nie
Kick-start funkcia: Áno
Kolesá: 11"
Maximálna rýchlosť: 25 km/h *(podľa EU legislatívy)
Maximálne zaťaženie: 150 kg
Maximálny dojazd: 100 km
Maximálny výkon: 6,640 Watt
Odpruženie: Predné a zadné tlmiče
Rozmery v rozloženom stave: 130 x 121 x 60 cm
Rozmery v zloženom stave: 121 x 61 x 31 cm
Stúpanie: 35 °
Tempomat: Áno
Typ brzdy: hydraulické kotúčové
Váha (s batériou): 46 kg
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