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The Best Offroad Electric Scooter Currently On The Market..



KAABO WOLF WARRIOR is a real "wolf" among the vehicles that the off-road electric scooter market offers today. It evokes a strong respect for its design, massive dimensions and, of course, its enormous power, which few similar scooters can resist.


Equipped with two 2 x 1200 W motors, it spins in full parade up to a maximum power of 5400 W. In proportion to its power, it also offers a literally stunt speed of 80 km / h. She overcomes almost everything: steep hills like nothing, gravel, sand, fields or forests, hardly anything can stop her.


There are hydraulic disc brakes on both axles, which are also assisted by an electronic ABS system. Since it was created for driving on rough and difficult terrain, hydraulic suspension and both axles are a matter of course.


Super powerful battery 65V LG with a capacity of 35Ah will ensure a range of up to an incredible 150 km!


The clear display allows you to adjust the scooter to your taste.


11 "off-road tires will meet what is expected of them - in difficult terrain but also on asphalt.


At the front we find 2 main headlights and at the back another, integrated in the fender. On the side, the colored lights effectively second the main.

Manufacturer: Kaabo
Type: New
Warranty: 24 months
Width: 66 cm
Height: 125 cm
Lenght: 126 cm
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