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Teverun Fighter Ten Plus: Your Ultimate Exploration Companion

Discover new horizons with the Teverun Fighter Ten Plus, an electric scooter designed to exceed your expectations.

Comfort and Safety:

Equipped with 10-inch all-terrain tires boasting an 80/65-6 design ensures exceptional traction on various surfaces, including gravel and sand. Its inner tube guarantees a secure and smooth ride, complemented by a tread pattern designed for stability across challenging terrains. Robustly constructed, this scooter effortlessly supports up to 150 kg of weight.

The Zoom hydraulic brakes, featuring a 160 mm diameter, deliver consistent and reliable braking, ensuring maximum control, especially during high-speed urban rides.

Adjustable hydraulic suspension lets you set the chassis stiffness to your personal preferences, ensuring a comfortable journey regardless of the terrain.

The inclusion of a steering stabilizer enhances overall stability, a crucial feature when navigating at higher speeds.

Performance and Portability:

Experience unmatched performance with dual 2000W motors and a robust 60V 35Ah LG/Samsung, 21700 battery ensuring an extended range. The Teverun Fighter Ten Plus seamlessly combines powerful performance with an extended range, making it the ideal choice for extensive rides.

The folding system, complete with dual caps on the handlebar, facilitates easy and practical folding, enhancing its everyday utility.

Additional Features:

  • Enjoy the convenience of a complimentary fast charger included with your purchase, allowing for quick and efficient recharging.


  • Control and Design:

Stylish directional lights with dynamic blinking along the diode not only add a visual flair but also enhance visibility from multiple angles.

The silicone floor, featuring the prominent manufacturer's logo, provides not just a comfortable grip but also contributes to the scooter's overall aesthetic appeal.

On the left side of the handlebar, discover the NFC card reader, while the central TFT control panel allows for easy management and customization of the scooter's various functions.

The Teverun Fighter Ten Plus sets a new standard, seamlessly integrating outstanding performance, safety, and innovative features, making it the ultimate choice for passionate electric scooter enthusiasts.

Manufacturer: Teverun
Type: New
Warranty: 24 months
Brzdové svetlo: Áno
Kick-start funkcia: Áno
Kolesá: 10" dušové
Maximálna rýchlosť: 75 km/h
Maximálne zaťaženie: 150 kg
Maximálny dojazd: 120 km
Maximálny výkon: 4,000 Watt
Mobile app: Yes
Osvetlenie: LED predné, zadné, smerové, podvozok
Rozmery v rozloženom stave: 135 x 65 x 128 cm
Rozmery v zloženom stave: 138 x 31,5 x 62 cm
Screen LCD: TFT 3,5"
Tempomat: Áno
Typ batérie: 60V 35Ah LG/Samsung 21700
Typ brzdy: hydraulické kotúčové Zoom
Váha (s batériou): 35 kg
waterproof: IPX5

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