Speedway Super Mini 4 Pro, black

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Are you looking for a comfortable electric scooter? Would you like something powerful and effective at the same time? Then the Minimotors Speedway Super Mini 4 Pro is the machine for you. This beautiful and powerful scooter Speedway super mini 4 Pro is actually a "super" version of its counterpart SW Mini 4 pro. This second model already represents remarkable performance, this new super model will guarantee you even higher performance on several levels, while remaining as powerful as the Mini 4 pro.


It is difficult to find a scooter in this class on the market that can cover a distance of more than 50 km.


The motor of this Speedway model with a power of 500 W always amazes. It allows you to reach a maximum speed of 45 km / h (out of city traffic) in super mode. At an adjustable speed, you can choose from the following modes: slow (15 km / h), turbo (30 km / h) or super (45 km / h out of town). This engine also produces enough energy to climb slopes of 27 °.


The big innovation that the Speedway Super Mini 4 Pro brings compared to the standard version is the battery. This model contains a 48 V and 16 Ah battery manufactured by LG. This guarantees a longer service life for the truck than with standard batteries. Above all, this battery discharges less quickly and slowly, which makes it possible to evaluate and estimate the actual range more accurately.


This optimization has proved necessary because the batteries of electric scooters often experience a sudden drop in capacity, which causes inconvenience. They are often caused by the rider's weight, the terrain (for example when climbing hills) and cold weather.


Speedway Super mini 4 pro: still practical and easy to use


Like the Speedway mini 4, the Speedway mini 4 super is a light and portable electric scooter because it weighs only 17 kg. Once folded, it becomes very compact, so you can store it virtually anywhere and it doesn't take up much space.

Product code: SPDYSM4P.1
Manufacturer: Speedway/Minimotors
Type: New
Warranty: 24 months
Width: 53 cm
Height: 118 cm
Lenght: 103 cm
EU – homologizácia (EEC): Nie
Kick-start funkcia: Nie
Kolesá: 8"
Materiál: Hliník
Maximálna rýchlosť: 45 km/h
Maximálne zaťaženie: 120 kg
Maximálny dojazd: 50 km
Maximálny výkon: 500 Watt
Odpruženie: Predné a zadné tlmiče
Osvetlenie: LED vpredu aj vzadu
Rozmery v rozloženom stave: 103 x 118 x 53 cm
Rozmery v zloženom stave: 97 x 33 x 18 cm
Stúpanie: 27 °
Tempomat: Áno
Typ brzdy: bubnové + elektronická
Váha (s batériou): 17 kg
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