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You have before your eyes the popular Dualtron Raptor electric scooter from Minimotors version 2. Thanks to its two engines, each with an output of 800 W (a total of 1,600 W), it is captivating with exceptional power and is able to ride up to 60 km / h (out of city traffic). 60 is also the mileage provided by its 60V battery. However, the Dualtron Raptor Minimotors can offer much more.


Dualtron Raptor: offroad design and concept


With the Dualtron Raptor 2 electric scooter, Minimotors opted for off-road design. This choice was undoubtedly made to reflect the true trait of this Dualtron. The Dualtron Raptor 2 also benefits from a high-quality design, as the chassis is made of a heavy alloy of aluminum and 6063 / T6.


Here are some key features of Dualtron Raptor 2 Minimotors that surely to help you:


Folding system: The Dualtron Raptor 2 Minimotors is a folding and easily transportable electric scooter. You can take it safely with you everywhere and store it discreetly.

Battery: The Dualtron Raptor 2 electric scooter allows you to travel ecologically over very long distances, as this machine offers up to 60 km range thanks to its lithium-polymer battery with a remarkable capacity of 60 V 18.2 Ah.

LED diode: even at night, the "raptor" will not endanger anyone and the Dualtron Raptor 2 scooter can do it with its front and rear headlights. They ensure your safety when driving in poorly lit areas

Engine: If the engine power of 800 W on a standard adult scooter is rare, the Dualtron Raptor 2 Minimotors will offer you this 800 W on each wheel or a total of 1600 W, up to a speed of 60 km / h (on off-road roads).

Driving: thanks to the suspension, the Dualtron Raptor 2 guarantees you balance and comfort while driving, even in uneven terrain.

Ascent: Dualtron Raptor 2 can take you up a hill with a slope of up to 30%

Brakes: The Dualtron Raptor 2 electric scooter also has two types of brakes, one electric and the other drum, developed for greater safety and overall braking performance.


Buying a Dualtron Raptor 2 will bring you many benefits, such as:


Practicality and ergonomics thanks to easy folding

Decent range of up to 60 km or more depending on your weight and terrain type

LCD display so you have an overview of your machine and driving

Optimal visibility at night for safe driving thanks to front and rear LED lights

Power and speed thanks to 800 W motors on each wheel

Balance and driving comfort are guaranteed by the excellent suspension of the front and rear wheels

Excellent design quality, which guarantees more universal use in various conditions

Product code: DTNRP.2
Manufacturer: Dualtron/Minimotors
Type: New
Warranty: 24 months
Brzdové svetlo: Áno
Materiál: 6063/T6
Maximálna rýchlosť: 25 km/h *(podľa EU legislatívy)
Maximálne zaťaženie: 120 kg
Maximálny dojazd: 60 km
Maximálny výkon: 1,600 Watt
Odpruženie: Predné a zadné tlmiče
Osvetlenie: LED vpredu aj vzadu, bočné odrazové
Stúpanie: 30 °
Tempomat: Áno
Typ brzdy: kotúčové mechanikcé + elektronická
Váha (s batériou): 23 kg
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