SXT500 EEC - Facelift (no helmet duty), white

Vážený zákazník, je nám ľúto, ale tento tovar už bol vyradený z našej ponuky.
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After being sold with lots of sucess for 5 years the SXT500 EEC, gets facelifted und improved. Proven things like frame structure, seating position, handlebar and suspension remain unchanged. Nevertheless, after many years of experience and customer feedback, there are enough points to improve.

The improvements on our SXT500 EEC - Facelift model are:
  • Change to energy-efficient brushless hub motor with 600W max. engine power
  • Dual suspension system on the front axle
  • Integrated cruise control
  • new very accurate speedometer, which is controlled by the hall sensors of the hub motor
  • large alloy wheels with low cross-section tires
  • License plate holder with license plate illumination
  • ergonomically shaped handlebar grips
  • new clean cable management on the handlebar
Probably the biggest and most radical change on the SXT500 EEC facelift model, which has been certified, tested and approved according to the new European-wide valid EEC guideline 168/2013, is the built-in brushless hub motor on the rear axle. In addition to the whispering drive this also brings  the advantage of a much more efficient consumption of energy which results in a bigger range with higher power of 600W max. Also the maintenance of the chain and the noise of the chain drive is eliminated. The hub motor used is a completely maintenance-free, self-contained system.

The built-in speedometer & odometer now shows the distance traveled and speed very precisely - this due to the connection via the control unit and the supply of data directly from the hub motor. In addition, the battery does not need to be changed since the tachometer is connected directly to the power supply of the vehicle. An additional pleasant innovation is the integrated cruise control. As soon as the same speed is driven for approx. 8 seconds, the cruise control automatically activates the current speed without having to hold the throttle. When using the throttle again or the brake is activated, this deactivates the cruise control as it is already known from the automotive sector.

Optical highlights are certainly the large alloy wheels which were previously installed only on the larger models on which the air filled low-section tires are installed. The rims are two-piece and so making a possible change of the installed tube or tire as easy as possible. A highlight at the rear of the vehicle is new license plate holder with stylish license plate illumination & rear light.

The new ergonomically shaped handlebar grips ensure a pleasant ride even on longer trips. The comfortable and height-adjustable saddle, which can be removed in seconds thanks to the Click & Lock system, also contributes to this. The electric scooter is foldable and can be so small and compact housed in the trunk, storage space of the motorhome or boat.

Power is supplied to the SXT500 EEC facelift via the battery located underneath the footboard, which can be quickly and easily removed and charged externally if needed. About the battery itself, you can choose between a 12 Ah lead acid battery, a 20 Ah LiFePo lithium battery or the very large 30 Ah Li Ion battery pack. Depending on the battery type used, the max. range is up to 25/40/60 km (depending on the driving style, temperature, load and maintenance of the battery)

Now many think everything good and beautiful, but are deterred by the price of lithium batteries immediately - this is to say that these batteries are only supposedly more expensive. As soon as you look at it though, it is important to compare the number of charge cycles of both batteries. With the standard lead acid battery, the number of charge cycles is about 250 (ie the battery can be fully recharged up to about 250 times until it has to be replaced with a new one) - while the lithium battery is such that it can withstand up to 1500 charging cycles , If you look closely, the result of this comparison is as follows:

Lead-acid battery 12Ah:
250 charging cycles x 25 km range = 6.250 km total mileage

Lithium battery LiFePo4 20Ah:
1,200 charge cycles x 40 km range per charge = 48.000 km total mileage

Lithium battery 30Ah Li-ion:
1,500 charge cycles x 60 km range per charge = 90.000 km total mileage

Comparing this total mileage with each other, this looks as follows: 48.000: 6.250 = 7.7 times higher yield with the LiFePo4 lithium battery at not twice the price - as a result, the lithium battery over the life expectancy is much cheaper than the lead-acid battery technology. When compared with the Li-Ion battery, the difference becomes even clearer.

IMPORTANT: This scooter model is EEC certified meaning street-legal in whole Europe. Inside Germany there is a driving license required - from 15 years with a mofa test certificate or from 16 years with driving license class A1, AM; from 18 years with each driving license of classes 1a, 1, 2, 3, A, B or C. Should you be located outside Germany please check your national rules and regulations in regards to required driving licenses.

Due to packaging reasons the delivery will contain the scooter 95% partially assembled. Usual build up time will be around 60 minutes skill based.
Kód produktu: ESC500EECV2.3
Výrobca: SXT-Scooters
Typ tovaru: Nové
EAN kód: 4260609320084
Záruka: 24 mesiacov

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